Modern Worship Songs by Craig R Pennell

Worship the Creator – a lesson from nature.

worship the creator - to kissThis year we are growing sunflowers in our garden.  I’ve been carefully watering them every day and seeing them grow.  I love the way nature can teach us about our relationship with God, but can it teach us about true Worship of our Creator?

It’s interesting that a sunflower looks a bit like the sun, and that’s where it gets its name from, but in Spain they call them Girasol, from the words ‘girar’ meaning to turn or gyrate, and ‘sol’ meaning sun.

And if you know anything about sunflowers, the Spanish name for them seems to fit so well, because they are ever turning to face the sun.  In fact you could say they strain to lift up their heads and leaves to the rays of the sun.  Their love for the sun seems to show in every part of these flowers.

What a wonderful picture of worship.

One of the Greek words we translate to “worship” is proskuneo, which can literally mean ‘to kiss towards’.  And that’s what the sunflower seems to be doing.

When we consider that our whole lives, everything we are, everything we do can be an act of worship to Jesus, keep this in mind.  Kiss towards the Son.  Every part of your body, soul, and mind straining forwards in worship of your Creator.

Remember the sunflower, as you start your day.  Lay before the Lord all that you have to do today.  Your family life, your work, your business, your finances, your cares.  Give Him the priority, lean towards Jesus and offer all you have.  And feel the warmth of His light penetrating deep into your heart, as his Life pours into you.

So as a sunflower appears to be a little like the Sun, so as we worship we are changed to reflect the risen Lord in our lives, we are made more like Jesus, and are enabled to pour out into other the love and truth of God.

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