Modern Worship Songs by Craig R Pennell

Prophetic Songs



I know the plans I have for you. This song was written in 2011, when I was finding it difficult to trust. It is based on the promise God gives to His people in Jeremiah 29:11.

This promise is for us all, as we come to him and trust him with our lives more and more, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, we find these good plans unfolding in our lives.

Learning to trust God even in the hard times is a huge leap of faith, but I believe it is one He leads us through, perhaps even takes us through in order to build and stretch our faith. In my experience, I have had to hold onto Jesus and his promises when I was facing great struggles, and the breakthroughs were a long time coming, but “he who promised is faithful”, I came through and God was able to show me He can do more than I can ask or imagine.

Father’s Love Song. This song attempts to convey the Father’s love towards his children. If we only listen to him, stop rushing through life with our worries and fears, and give him a moment, we will be able to hear his clear, loving, patient voice calling our name, calling us into his presence.

Listen to the beating of my Heart
Listen, I can’t bear to be apart
I love you with the Father’s Love
I call you by your name
So won’t you Listen, listen to my Heart?

In the stillness we can find a special place
You can stay here in my presence and my grace
I love you with the Father’s Love
I smile when I call your name
So won’t you listen, listen to my heart?

My words will soothe and heal you
They melt away the pain
My words bring life and freedom
You need never be afraid
So won’t you listen, listen to my heart?