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New Contemporary Worship Songs

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New Contemporary Worship Songs and Prophetic Songs by Craig Pennell

new contemporary worship songs

New Contemporary Worship Songs

I’ve been singing Worship Songs to Jesus for around 20 years. Over the years on my amazing journey with him, I have written many songs: some reflect my walk of faith, some give praise to Him, some speak of His love for us, some hold a prophetic message, all of them are for His Glory.

He is Worthy

God is worthy of our Worship.  We probably know that, but many of us are learning that worship is so much more than something we do in Church on Sunday.  He has given us so much, what we offer back to him is an act of worship.  With this site I am offering my songs and thoughts as a gift back to him, praying that others will find it helpful in their walk with Jesus.

We are Called by Name

You will find I talk a lot about Calling.  As Christians we are on a journey, and each of us must find our true calling in Jesus.  I believe we each have a unique purpose and calling placed on our lives by God.  What you find here in the pages of this website reveal a little of the calling I am discovering in me.

This site is a work in progress.  I have many new contemporary worship songs I am working on at the moment, many I need to finish and record, and it takes a lot of time to get things right, not to mention create a website that is to a high standard.   I’m sure you will forgive me if I’m slow in posting new songs and thoughts.

For each song I will try to include a teaching that will go with it, or an insight into where the song came from.  I will also post up personal experiences of my walk of faith, things that God has taught me over the years, especially in my time as a tent-maker missionary in Spain.

As this site grows I am praying that it may become a resource to Christians the world over looking for help and encouragement on the journey. Please consider supporting this online ministry.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Craig R. Pennell, 2013