Modern Worship Songs by Craig R Pennell

Christian Ministry through Music

christian ministry through musicA Worship Journey started out as a personal blog a year ago.  My original thoughts for this site were to create a place where I could share my songs and thoughts on my journey with Jesus.

Since then I feel that God is leading me to expand on the whole idea of bringing Christian ministry and teaching, through music and song, in a way that’s accessible to all.  Right here on the web.

A Faith Journey

I’m walking with Jesus just the same as you, only we take different twists and turns on the road.  To be able to offer some of our experiences, insights, trials, failures, joys, triumphs with others along they way,  is really an integral part of the journey.  We can enrich each-others lives as we are enriched by the Spirit of God working in and through us.

Some will write a book, or a poem.  Some will paint pictures, others will simply love the unlovable and serve without expecting anything in return.  A kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a timely phone call.  Me, I will write songs and express my faith through the pages of this site, among other things.

A Helping Hand

If I can in some little way communicate to you the truth of Jesus and his Word, if you click off this website today having learned a little more of God’s love for you, of his good plans for your life, of his faithfulness, then, well, then it’s been worth the effort.

ministry through music

Now that’s a big goal, and I’m only getting started.  Over the next 12 months I’ll be working with my good friend and pastor, Don, writing and creating some inspirational teaching with video and music to help get the message across.

So bear with us as we add to this site and start to create a resource to bless others.

Ministry subjects:

God’s Love

God’s Faithfulness


Freedom in Christ

Value and Worth


Caring for others

Trusting in the Word

Godly Marriage

Gift of the Spirit

Pressing on

Christ’s work on Earth


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