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Trusting God – Consider the birds

bible verses trusting god

Trusting God with our lives

Trusting God

I’ve been going through some big changes lately.  Maybe I’m always going through changes.  I guess God doesn’t want me to remain the same. It’s at times like these that I need to take note of certain Bible verses, trusting God to come through for me.

Last week, Monday morning, I was feeling a little uneasy, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I just felt that God was telling me to take off somewhere and find some space, just for a while.  Now I’m blessed to live near the mountains and the sea, and I was going to take a drive inland to the mountains but something pulled me to the beach that day.

On the Beach

I parked the car, crossed the road and walked onto the sandy shore.  It wasn’t a bad day for February, cloudy but not really cold, and the waves were just gently rolling in, I was the only person around and there was a sense of peace I’d been missing lately.

I hadn’t walked far, I was kind of chatting to the Lord and enjoying the beauty.  I kind of knew God had something on His heart for me that morning and I didn’t want to miss it.  And as I walked I noticed a seagull up ahead on the shoreline.

As I passed by, the gull ignored me.  He had just caught a small fish and was content to eat it right there and then.  So I walked on and turned back.  The gull had already finished his snack and was bobbing around on the surf, happy as anything.  I watched.  “Are you trying to show me something, Lord?” I asked.

Immediately the words of Jesus came to me from Matthew 6:26

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

I stood and looked, and considered that bird of the air.  There he was, in his element.  The creator had made him to be a gull, to fly and soar and glide, pluck fish from the sea, and bob around on the waves.  I was seeing a created living thing, living it’s life the way he was made to.  It wasn’t a chore for that gull to catch a fish, he was made that way.

“So you’re going to take care of things, Lord?”

When I arrived back home I told my wife about the gull.  I wanted to remember it before it got lost in the day, and hold onto those bible verses.

Use those talents

Later we met up with a friend for coffee.  My wife had mentioned to her that I was working on websites and she was interested.  I thought I was going to tell her about my Online Marketing site, she was more interested in whether or not I could produce budget websites for her customers.  I came away a little amazed, to say the least.  In the car I shot a glance sideways to my wife.  “That was a bit like plucking fish from the sea, wasn’t it” I said.

“Yes.” was all she said.  She seemed to get the message far quicker than I did.  We make a good team.

trusting God with our lives

We can trust God






  1. July 6, 2014    

    God has so many ways to speak to us if we will only listen. He sent me a yard full of birds when I was so troubled. I will never forget the peace I felt when I realized how much He loves me. God is truly trustworthy! Thanks for sharing.

    • CP CP
      July 15, 2014    

      Thanks for leaving a comment, it’s encouraging

  2. CP CP
    April 21, 2014    

    Thanks for your encouraging comment, I really appreciate you taking the time. God Bless

  3. Jill Jill
    April 19, 2014    

    That is a lovely story! If we keep our eyes, ears, and minds open, the Lord speaks tovus in a plethora of wyas, as you have discovered. Usually, if you try to tell people, they just don’t understand. But some get it. Your wife gets it, and you are truly blessed in that.

    You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, where displays of the beauty of God surrounds you like that. I would love to spend hours drawing and painting the sea and gulls and other wildlife. I love nothing more than to immerse myself in nature, and commune with the Lord every chance I get!

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